Stop Beach Pollution!

              Did you know that millions of sea animals are killed each year from beach pollution? It’s up to you to stop this disaster! You have to complete all three levels of this game; Save the Sea Turtles, Beach Killers, and Dolphin Rescue!

            To begin; you’re walking along the beach one night, and you see a bunch of baby sea turtle’s eggs hatching. You know that baby sea turtles have a hard time making it back to the ocean on their own. You have to find a way to find all the baby sea turtles and put them in the ocean. But before you do that, you have to clean up all the trash in the pathway to the ocean. Collect all the trash (coins) before the baby turtles get too far from their nest. There are many predators that would love to eat the little turtles. Avoid all the animals that are in your way. To complete this level, help rescue the baby sea turtles and help clean up the pollution.

            For level two, your casually walking along the beach and your seeing people throw their trash just wherever. You have to stop everyone from polluting. You can stop people by giving them a fine. While you’re walking along the beach, you can’t help but to pick up pollution whenever you see it. Be a good example to others, every time you see something lying on the beach, pick it up! You cannot finish this level until you have stopped every single person; big, small, lifeguard, whoever. You have until you reach the end of the beach to stop polluters! In conclusion, it’s your job to help end pollution by stopping everyone, not just a few people!

            To finish; your snorkeling deep down on the ocean floor. You see a dolphin that is entangled in a net. The dolphin is about to break free though. You realize, once the dolphin is free from the net, it will most likely get trapped in some other pollution. You have to try to collect as many items that would hurt the dolphin as you could. You can’t stay underwater forever though! Collect the coins to use as oxygen to help you survive longer! You have to collect every dangerous thing (kill the enemies) before the dolphin gets free (time runs out). If you don’t, the dolphin will just get trapped again! Once you have defeated this level, you will have succeeded and beaten the whole game!   

            In conclusion, all these poor animals are dying, and it’s your job to help end it. I know you cant actually stop it all in one day, in fact, pollution may never end, but the least you can do is spread the word and stop everyone you see who is polluting. You have to beat all three levels, and once you have, you will have done a big help to the ocean!

The Adventures of Moonlight Morgan!

I remember the day I got my powers. My parents were scientists, and they didn’t really like me that much. They didn’t like me because they thought I was a waste of their time, but they didn’t want to get rid of me because I was a good tester. Since they were scientists, they always loved to experiment… on me.  They would mix things together and see would happen. They weren’t very good scientists though, they just hoped one day something good would happen and they would become rich. They always experimented on me, and most of the time I would become sick , and I would have to go the hospital, but they didn’t ever tell the doctors what happened, they normally blamed it on food poisoning, or I got bit by some type of animal. One night, there was a bad storm and of course, they decided to mix some random things together and have me test it. Once I drank what they mixed, they gave me a shot. I immediately felt terrible and ran upstairs to my bed. As I ran upstairs, I heard my mom say, “Huh, I guess it didn’t work.” I soon as I fell on bed, I immediately passed out. When I finally woke up, I still felt very bad. Since it was late I decided I would try to go to sleep. I fell asleep for about an hour, and then when I woke up, it was 7:00 P.M. Since I couldn’t fall asleep, I walked out onto my balcony, which overlooks the city. I was standing near the edge and I heard a loud BANG! and I turned around a saw a cat that looked like it had rabies. I freaked out and jumped off the edge! I didn’t know what to do and I thought I was about to hit the ground, so I had my eyes closed. I finally gained the courage to open my eyes, and I was flying! I couldn’t believe it! I flew over the city, and then I returned back to my house because I was still so shocked! I didn’t want to tell my parent yet… or even at all. So I was guessing whatever I had drank, made me fly. I ran downstairs while my parents weren’t looking, and I looked for the mix, but couldn’t find it. The must have flushed it already. When I got back to my room, my room my mom came in a few seconds later and told me we were having company over and that I needed to clean my room. I was cleaning off my desk, and I moved this little glass ball my grandma gave me a few years ago and as soon a I put my hands on it, I looked at my mom and I could hear what she was thinking! Amazing! She stared at me like I was crazy or something. But apparently I was. In her head she was thinking about was I was acting so strange and if they should keep me in my room when the guests arrive. I kept the little glass ball on my bed because I didn’t want to break it. When my mom left, I was going to change my clothes because they had the “super power” mix on them. I had on a belt that had a button on it where my parents gave the shot. As I tried, to take of my belt, my hand hit the button on accident and all of me sudden, when I looked into my mirror, I was gone! Well, I wasn’t actually gone, I was just invisible. I hit the button again I wasn’t invisible anymore. I couldn’t believe I had all these amazing powers! When I woke in the morning, I tried all my powers but none of them worked! I figured they only worked last night. I was a little upset, but when I was about to go to bed, I picked up my little ball again and I could read my dog’s mind when he was sitting on my bed! Eventually, I figured out my powers only worked at night around 6:00.  I decided since I had all these powers, that only worked at night, my name would be Moonlight Morgan!

Words: 717

SSR Project Plot Analysis


Title: Midnight Twins

Author: Jacquelyn Mitchard

Pages: 235

Plot Analysis

The setting of Midnight Twins takes place at various spots. In the beginning of the book, the twins are born in a hospital in New York.  On page 2, it says, “”The first baby born of the New Year in the small town of Ridgeline,New York.” The end of the book ends at their family’s summer camp. On page 217, it says, “Everyone else at the Brynn family camp was taking advantage of it.”

The main character of the book is Meredith. Meredith liked her best friend’s older brother, David, who’s 16. Like on page 27, Meredith says, “David, was not just cute, like most guys, but truly beautiful.” But by the end of the book, Meredith and her twin Mallory find out some bad things about David, and try to get him in trouble. David gets mad, and tries to kill Meredith. On page  203, David gives Meredith 10 seconds to run as far as she can, and when Meredith asks “where?” David replies, “You chose. It’s your funeral.”

The conflict in the story is Meredith and Mallory have “telepathy” like they say on page 190. They also have dreams where they can see the future, and they past. They don’t tell anyone except their friend, Drew, and their grandma already knew about it before they were born, because it ran in the family for the twin girls. The twins are having dreams about David doing bad things, like “killing a dog,” as it says on page 117. David starts trying to kills animals and hurt, and sometimes kill, girls. The girls are trying to help him without anyone else knowing, but it isn’t working.

The climax in the book Midnight Twins is when Meredith goes for a run near a cliff, and then David finds her and tries to kill her. No one else knows where Meredith is, and her dad won’t answer his phone. Mallory is in the middle her soccer game, when all of a sudden, she blacks out, and she knows where Meredith is and what is about to happen, but when she tells her dad and her coach, they don’t believe her. Meanwhile, Meredith is trying to escape David, so she tries to run up the cliff, but David catches up with her. She does a flip over him (since she was higher on the cliff), lands on her knees, and falls down the hill next to the cliff, and tries to stop herself. Then, all if a sudden, she hears a scream and sees David fall off the side of the cliff, and kill himself. When Meredith reaches the bottom of the hill, she blacks out. When she wakes up, she sees her neighbor, and best friend, Drew standing there. They immediately call the cops and tell them that Meredith was running and she saw David slip. This whole climax is found pages 197-205.

The resolution of the book is when David dies, because he can’t hurt anymore animals or people. They feel really bad about David, and his family, but at least they know their safe from him now! They go to his funeral to “support his family” like it says on page 211. They did not have anymore “sights or dreams” as their grandmother calls it on page 220, but their grandmother says that it is not over yet, that there will be more. But for now, they are enjoying the time they have without them.

SSR Project: The Main Character

Book Title: The Midnight Twins

Book Author: Jacquelyn Mitchard

Number of pages: 235

Protagonist: Meredith


In the book, Meredith has long, thick, black hair. Meredith’s nickname is Merry. Her eyes are “beautiful emerald gems,” people say.  Merry is tall, but she is not the tallest person in her class. She is also very thin, but not because she doesn’t eat, because she likes to exercise and stay in shape. She also has a softly pointed chin, and has pale skin.  Meredith has a twin sister named Mallory, so they both look alike. There are few differences about them that not many people notice.  One of those differences is; Meredith parts her hair to the left.

Carefree                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Meredith can be very carefree at times. On page 189, Meredith says, “I don’t need a boyfriend. I don’t need to make varsity. I just want to feel exactly like I did before.”  Another example is on page 100, Meredith is at a cheerleading completion, and she thinks that if they want to win, they have to do an illegal move that they did not practice.  “Because we could get kicked off,” Sunday Scavo spoke. “Not if we win,” said Merry. Merry acted as if she didn’t care that they would get in trouble or get disqualified. 

                                                                                                                                                                                          Forgiving                                                                                                                                 Meredith is very good at forgiving and helping people forgive. On page 142, Mallory and Adam are fighting. Mallory says, “Okay, fine. Sorry, you little copycat jerk,” Mallory said. “Mom!” Adam whined. “I said sorry!” Mally repeated. “Accept her lousy apology, Adam,” Merry told him. You could practically see the faint halo around Merry’s head.”  Then Mallory and Adam made up. Another example is on page 204. “Your knees are swollen and beat up,” Drew said. “I can’t feel them,” Merry said. “I’m sorry Drew.”   “I’m sorry to,” Drew said.

Religious                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Meredith is very religious and catholic.   On page 200, Merry and Mally’s ex- friend, David, is trying to kill her, but before he tries to hurt her, she says, “Let go of my arm so I can pray!” So she drops down on her knees and prays to God. Another example is on page 202.  “Get up!” David told her roughly. “You’ve said the whole mass by now.” “I was praying for you, David,” Merry said.  

Demanding                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Meredith likes to order people around a lot! She can tend to be very bossy; one reason is because she’s one of the cheerleading captains! On page 103, she is arguing about doing a cheer routine that they have not practiced yet, in order to win a cheer leading competition.  “No way, Mer,” Fish said. “Way fish! I’m the captain!” Merry said. Another example is on page 163, Merry and her friend Kim needed a ride home. “Drew can drive us to the movies,” Kim said. “No he can’t” said Merry, in a demanding tone.





Me? In jail? How did this happen?! All I know is there is another person sleeping in the same cell as me, I’m wearing the same clothes I was wearing last night, I can feel something in my pocket, and there are police men staring at me. Well, whatever is in my pocket is bothering me, so I guess I should check it out. In my pocket I found my car keys, a parking ticket, a map of Florida, a hundred dollar bill, and my cell phone. That’s when it all started coming back to me… I was on my way to Florida to meet up with my best friend that I haven’t seen in forever, and since it was a really long drive, I stopped to get something to eat about halfway through the drive. I decided to stop at KFC Chicken because I love that place! While I was there, I ordered, set my stuff down, and then went to the restroom. I wasn’t very smart to set my stuff down, because when I came out, all my stuff was gone! I really needed everything I had, especially since I was going to Florida! I looked out the window and saw the man who had taken my things and was about to drive away! I screamed and ran outside! I saw my car keys on the ground, so he must have dropped them! I was so scared; I couldn’t remember where I parked my car! I saw it on the side of the road… with a parking ticket on the windshield. Great. I grabbed the ticket, opened the door (which I must have left unlocked) and tried to start the car, but it wouldn’t work. I have no idea why…. but it wouldn’t even start. The man who took my belongings hadn’t left yet. By this time there were people starting to come out side and were wondering what was going on. That when I heard the cop car. I heard a woman scream “That lady stole my car! Someone get her!” I didn’t think she was talking about me, but then I realized that she was talking about me. I looked to my right, and saw nothing that belonged to me. I went into the wrong car! The cop came up to my car, and then he started yelling at me. I start to feel a little light- headed and that’s when it all went black. I don’t remember any thing else, but the security guard told me that they carried me to the cop car, caught the man who stole my belongings, and took me to jail for (almost) stealing a car. I told them about how I was really confused, and just saw that car that I thought was mine and tried to start it, but didn’t realize it wasn’t mine until the lady screamed. They completely understood and let me go. After I was released,  I continued to Florida and had a great time!


My Digital Footprint!

When I typed in my name and my city, 2 results came up, both including me! The first one was! He is my friend’s uncle and we would go to Trailways Speedway every Friday night, and Lincoln Speedway every Saturday night to watch him race! It said I commented on his guestbook congratulating him on his win! I don’t remember commenting, but I must have! The other result that came up, was a PDF file for The Anchor. The Anchor is a church I go to up at the high school on Sunday mornings. My name was there because I was volunteering to help with the nursery!

When I typed in my name in quotes, but without my city, 514 results came up. Some of the results were for Facebook, but none of them were me.  Some of the other sites were the types of sites were you can search a person to find out some stuff about them, but again, I don’t think any of them were me!

My Top 5!

I chose movies for my topic! I chose this topic because I love to watch movies! I always watch movies when I get the chance!

1.) Abduction. I recently saw this movie, and I loved it! I had a lot of action in it! I love action movies!

2.) Grown Ups! I love this movies! It is so funny! I’ve seen this m0vie a lot of times with my friends! The actors in the movie are hysterical!

3.) The Titanic. This movie is so good! But it’s also so sad! I love watching this movie, even though it’s really long!

4.)  Little Fockers! This movie is so funny! My family and I cracked up the whole time!


5.) Charlie St. Cloud. I love this movie, even though its so sad! It has a really good meaning and story.


My Bucket List!

I would love to go to London!


I would like to swim with dolphins!

I would like to learn to play the guitar!

I want to scuba diving or snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef!


I want to start a business with photography, children, or be an interior designer!


I would love to go to Paris!


I would like learn to surf!

I wan to go horseback riding on the beach!

I would like to graduate from high school and college!

I would like to get married someday!!